What Does Free Actually Mean?

What makes the difference, at least in my eyes, is if the discount is even given.

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Will I Be Ready For Beach Season?

But, what does that say about our style of training? To me, not much, about one word actually. Sustainable.

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The Gained, The Lost, and The Highlights

These are of course just some of the highlights we’ve seen. We may have missed some, and we have plenty more to be had. Friction is more than a place, we are a collection of people who do great things every day.

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Friction, More Than a Gym

For some people it’s about losing weight or gaining muscle. Others want the coaching and programming. A lot of folks are looking for a place to belong.

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Important Lessons from Important Workouts

These are lessons we learned while trying not to puke or maybe wishing we had put more weight on the bar because we missed the challenge.

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Six pack abs really aren’t that awesome if you are dead inside

I thought you could work and grind your way to making improvements. And you can, but it’s not fulfilling and it’s not sustainable. Worst of all it won’t lead you to becoming a happy person. That’s really all we want for the people we are fortunate enough to work with.

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My Struggles of Daily Routine

As much as I’ve demanded myself and others to create (a routine) and stick to it, I’ve failed. These are my struggles.

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Understanding the methodology to keep your ego in check for continuous progress.

Do I possess the mechanics for the prescribed movements? Have I practiced them often and well enough to maintain those mechanics with little to no thought? (am I slowing myself down by having to think about moving correctly) Lastly, will my mechanics falter under fatigue?

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The Strenuous Life Lived In A Garage

“Less and less focus was on training and competing, and more and more was on training clothes and instagram fame.”

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Does My Kid Need to Play A Sport?

After reading this, most would say, “Yes my child needs to play a sport. I want them to have all of this but the reality is that competitive sports are not for everyone.”

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