How to get out of a fitness rut

Maybe you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or you’ve been rolling through peaks and valleys for several years now. Where ever you are coming from there are a few things that will always help you get on the right track.

Eat Better

First, start paying attention to your food. You may or may not have a weight or body composition goal, but what you put into your body is going to make or break your efforts to fuel your workouts and recover from them effectively enough to grow and adapt from your exercise. Pen and paper, note app on your phone or any one of the countless food tracking apps. I’m not even suggesting making any changes. Just start developing the awareness as to what is going on. So, that when you wonder why things are going well or are not going well you can turn to your nutrition to see how well you have been fueling your efforts.

Work against yourself

Second, start measuring your exercise. Weights lifted, reps completed, time it took to cover the distance, etc.. This will give you the best snapshot of your current fitness. It also automatically creates a target for your next workout. Additionally, like measuring your food you will understand your habits and patterns to help you decifer what works best or where you could focus more.

Find Support

Lastly, don’t go at it alone. There are plenty of gyms, social exercise groups and activites, trainers in person and online where you can benefit from the experience and expertise of professionals, accountability and empathy of peers as well as the responsibility and predictability of a consistent schedule.

How successful are you at these three? Where could you focus more? In what way do you need more support? When you decide what you need most, we’ll be here to help in any way. Book an intro to learn how we can help get you on the right track!

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