If I Could Go Back in Time As a Kid

Do you ever think if I could go back in time as a kid, the things I would do differently.  Sure those moments we’d want to change or to relive a fun day, but I’m talking about habits we could have adopted or training we could have implied.  

Think about it.  What would you do differently?  Personally I wish I knew more about healthy foods.  Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of food and ate ok but as an athlete what would my on field performances have been like if I cared about nutrition.  No meatball subs before a track event or McDonalds between games on a weekend tournament.  As a kid you don’t notice any difference but as many of us now know, there’s a huge difference in our bodies outputs based on the fuel we put in.  Also, these are habits that stayed with me for a long time and took years to adjust.  In my head I’ve always been active so eat whatever I want. It’s always worked for me so why change now.  As a coach who has dialed in my nutrition, there are major differences on performance based on what I eat.  If these habits had been instilled at a younger age, I can’t imagine what I could have done in college rugby or how much faster I might have excelled at other exercise avenues.  

Another part in my childhood that I feel could have added to my overall well being would have been gymnastics.  They entire body workout leads to better coordination and understanding of your body.  It would have helped in every sport I did in some way.  Football overall strength.  Track stronger core to maintain running form.  Pole vaulting I would have had better control of my body and could probably have gone higher.  These are just a few of the sports I took part in and how something could have better helped my developing.

These are just a few areas I wish I could go back and do differently.  For some it might be trying out a new sport or just being active.  Maybe if there was a place like friction then most would have had an outlet to be active and not worry about the competitiveness of sports.  Others maybe wished they had tried different training methods.  So many things we could have done differently to better our performances or to have instilled better life long habits.  

Now while all things can still be worked on and improved upon, we still can’t go back in time.  We should still strive to be the healthiest versions of ourselves we can be. Something we can do is reflect on these topics and maybe there’s other things you wish you had done.  Theres time to adjust these.  

For our kids, they’re still in the state of development and growing into habits.  Remember the things that would have helped you later in life.  This is the chance to have your kids learn from those missed opportunities.  Get them involved in their interests but also have them explore new things.  Maybe it’s a different sport, maybe it’s a cooking class that discusses clean eating, or maybe a kids class about being active.  There are so many avenues these days to help kids explore the opportunities we wished we had taken advantage of.  So remember if you could go back in time as a kid, what you would do different, and help your kids to develop those changes.  They might just thank you later in life.

Coach Nick

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