I’m All In or I’m All Out

Sound like your mindset around fitness? 

Everyone is busy and we all know the satisfaction of having completed a full workout routine.  Whether it’s a group fitness class with your buddies, personal training with your favorite coach or barbell club with all your strong friends.  The combination of social accountability and interaction with expert instruction and thorough exercise selection and planning make for one heck of a fun hour. 

Maybe even the best hour of your day.  

I think we can all agree that missing that on your “off day” or “it’s not possible with my schedule” scenario would leave any one of us bummed.  So what do you do when you’re out for the day… or too many days?  Like most, you would like to take the time to relax, but it’s more realistic that you are immersed in work, family time and other obligations and responsibilities.  And it may just not seem like it is worth it to do a short workout at home with whatever equipment you do or do not have. 

Even the option of going for a run on a beautiful day may not seem that appealing.  And so nothing happens.  

What if something did happen?  What if you performed 50 air squats when “something come up?”  Or even had a 10:00 bodyweight and mobility routine that was your go to favorite on rest days.  A 30:00 walk can do more for us than an entire day of no physical activity.  

I think we can all agree it would help us maintain our cardiovascular endurance and muscular stamina.  Sustain flexibility and reduce the aches and pains and being stiff from lack of movement.  We would likely have a better mood and be happier.  Doesn’t sound too bad right? 

Let’s also consider that consistent activity would help us maintain that muscle mass you worked so hard for.  Afterall, most start a fitness program to firm, tone or get lean.  In order to achieve that you need to reduce body fat to show muscle and that implies building some (we are not talking about getting “bulky” to be clear, just a natural amount of muscle mass respective to your frame).  So, it’s fair to say you’d even look better. 

Any habit is hard to adopt.  Especially good habits. 

Practiced over time we call them traditions.  Traditions are harder to break than habits. 

Find that small enjoyable amount of work you can do consistently when the gym isn’t an option. 

Then, do it.

Coach Bobby

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