Staying Competitive Outside of Sports

Everyone’s “normal” is anything but.

With upcoming kids’ sports seasons being cancelled, your athlete’s have a choice: Sign up for the Kid’s or Teen’s programs at Friction, do online workouts via zoom or workout at home with parents.

Most would choose Friction.

As more states cancel recreational activities for adults and kids, we are stepping up to fill the gap.

Kids classes, teen “leagues” and camps are all missing from the family routine.  You have an opportunity to keep your athletes active and share another outlet for their personal development and well being. This is the best time to keep kids off screens and give them the tools to shape their fitness for life.

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How to start kids in the program: Click Here.

How to involve the whole team in sport specific training:Click Here

We help make more responsible adults with our progression system for kids and teens at Friction.  Through fitness and nutrition data tracking and our integrated healthy lifestyle lessons we provide a well rounded program for cognitive development at any age through the SEMM model: Click Here

Action Steps

“What do your kids need right now?”

If they are already in the kids and teens program, “How are their friends doing? Do they have anyone they’d like to bring to class on Saturday?”

Learn about Bring a Buddy day: Click Here

If you have kids who play on sports teams, ask their coach, “What are the other athlete’s doing to stay fit and active with sports cancelled?” Then invite the coach, parents and other athletes in for a team-building session: Click Here

Kids and teens are waiting to play. Parents are looking for a solution. We want to help them. 
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