The Gained, The Lost, and The Highlights


It’s been a weird ride so far. But, in order to see the silver lining, we need to do what we do best on Fridays, celebrate our bright spots.

Vince Manohar: got to read more non work related books before bed! And, did 2-3 video workouts every week.

Molly Karlberg: lost weight and got her nutrition dialed in!

Sean Ellis: rowed over 250,000 meters #rowgang.

Matt Watson: practiced the drums more and attended A LOT of virtual classes.

Michelle and Bobby Armock: more family time with Millie, thank you for all the pictures!

Bobby: had a pig strict press PR!

Michelle: started exercising again since having Millie!

Amber Soler: lost 13 pounds.

Minna Carr: Got into Grad School at Grand Valley and is a brand rep with her Frictionheadband/face mask!

Beth Kaczanowski: Can rap all of Alphabetical Aerobics by Blackalicious, can make fitness themed pancakes, and ran over 100 miles in a month.

Jeff Burlingame: Burly Fishing keeps growing on YouTube #likeandsubscribe.

Rachel Burlingame: joined the buzz gang with Mike and Bobby, tie dyed a Victory Kid Barbell shirt.

Pete Wagner: knows what obfuscation means?

Fatima Padron: gained a LOT of strict pull-up strength.

Andrea Zufelt: walked between 15,000-20,000 steps EVERY day.

Mike Carr: randomly video called by nieces often. Released a Victory Kid Barbell fundraising shirt!

Tracy Payne: meal prepped way more to better her nutrition.

Lynette Doele: explored all the trails and nature around her. She also posted consistently on the Wodify leaderboard.

Jen Ronan: really loves sidewalk chalk, and spreading the love with neighbors.

Amy Place: got to spend way more time with her kiddo, as did most parents (could be good or bad).

Chad McTaggart: can make great kettlebell workouts.

Nick Thimmesch: has a lot of shovels and hockey sticks and has grown kids club big time!

Tanner Wanzer: can make homemade plyo boxes.

Julie Wanzer: can jump on homemade plyo boxes.

Dave Lucas: also likes to row #rowgang.

Josh Meinke: joined the #rowgang.

Sarah Delaat: joined #rowgang by BUYING a rower.

Trina Ang: makes great outtake videos in a cold garage and has helped so many with nutrition.

Kevin Murphy: makes fantastic Facebook Lives about philosophy.

Mike Schadick: made the news, twice!

Angela Silsby: is a mobility wizard with at home tools.

Mike Stein: started nailing Double Unders.

Jess Brink: can juggle! 

Paul Ritchey and Lee Gonzalez: lift in their living room! 

Jonathan Palumbo: feels more empowered because of his dedication to nutrition!

Pink Flamingo: dished out some nasty workouts!

Everybody: all the birthdays! 

These are of course just some of the highlights we’ve seen. We may have missed some, and we have plenty more to be had. Friction is more than a place, we are a collection of people who do great things every day.

We will see you soon,

Friction Staff

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