The Home Gym How To: Sans Equipment (Minimal)

“Captains log, day 10 of quarantine, meal prepping has a sharp twist, working out in my living room with my kids and my pets is keeping me sane (barely), not sure how much longer I can last. Please send a new found hobby of my children reading quietly.”

Sound familiar? I get it. We all get it. But, fitness doesn’t get shut down (if you’re healthy and quarantining for society’s betterment). I’m stressed, you’re stressed, we’re all stressed, IT’S ANARCHY.

It really isn’t though, what can we control? Our health, that’s what. Mental, physical, and spiritual.

Our health is what has got us here, hopefully healthy. A stark buffer to this massive pandemic.

Quarantine is tough. Even if it’s our lovely home. Our place of rest is now our gym, our office, and day care (if that applies to you). It’s difficult to make the mental switch to workout, or to rest if you’ve been working to keep your business operating smoothly.

These are mental transitions that usually happen during our drive to the next place.

As with any change within the fitness world, it takes consistency, practice, and time. You will fail, I will fail. We HAVE failed already; but, failure is simply a small piece.

Meal prep doesn’t HAVE to happen, but you still need to eat well. WODs don’t rule your life, but movement does.

We’re all doing our best with what we have. Safe to say that 10 days in, we have a new routine coming to fruition.

Here’s what has worked for me:

First, Set a daily alarm to wake up at the same time.

Eat my meals at generally the same time every day.

Schedule walks around the block/neighborhood, no matter the weather to break up the work. Fresh air and locomotion reset your mind like you wouldn’t believe!

Get work done. Write up a list of tasks that need to be done, execute.

Play with your family, as crazy this all is, we won’t get this sort of time back. Make the most of it and have a good time. Too much stress is the real killer of health.

Have a space to transform into a gym if you don’t already have a dedicated space. That’s the same spot where I do my computer work for Friction. But, I move the rug and I move the chairs. Or, if the workout allows, I go outside! I’m not afraid to layer up and be cold, or get wet, or get dirty. For me, that’s invigorating. Tell me you don’t feel bad ass doing a WOD in the rain.

Lastly, Go to bed at the same time you normally would with working. Schedules rock.

Transforming your space will transform your mindset. Remember, this is what you can control right now. Last week, the first week of the quarantine, I was guilty of getting overly stressed about taking in too much information. I was struck with paralysis by analysis at times. But, I slept better and I could actually relax at the end of the day if I took action on what mattered. What matters is our health: physical AND mental.

If we all learn one thing from this time, it’s that barbells are going to be so appreciated when we hold them again. However, for now, working out is more than just the equipment you have, it’s about accepting the work (the WOD) and the direction (the coaching) you’ve been given, and being tough.

Approach the workout with intention, be deliberate with your mobilizations, move well, breathe heavy. Rogue Fitness’ new slogan is, “Don’t Weaken.”

You are the Friction that strikes the flint to the rock to set your fitness ablaze.

Light it up.



See you on the Wodify whiteboard,

Coach Mike

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