We’re Too Good at Multitasking

You may think the opposite of yourself right? Man, I suck at multitasking.

You really don’t. You’re really good at it actually.

Taking phone calls while driving.

“Singing” while driving.

Helping your kids with their virtual math homework while making dinner while cleaning up the living room.

Watching Netflix while you work (everyone working from home, I personally prefer Hulu).

But, does this make us successful?

I don’t know. I’m still finding out, and I go back and forth as to whether or not it does.

As a new, first time dad, I’ve found that we have to multitask in our household sometimes. We have to hold our little one and make food, make the bed, or work. It’s inevitable.

However, on the days I leave the house to go into work, I’ve been packing my schedule to have no breaks. Back to back to back sessions for personal training, coaching, meetings, and even my own training.

Enter, compartmentalization.

This concept is really tricky to do because it requires a constant influx of nurturing, just like the task at hand. This is actually part of why the CrossFit methodology is so effective. The intensity of the training demands your attention. There are other tasks like this as well: playing an instrument, shooting a firearm/bow, mountain biking, skiing, etc. If you don’t focus on the fully, it could mean you mess up or worse, get injured.

Compartmentalizing is also kind of an oxymoron because I think I’m working harder by getting two things done, but I’m really doing both of them at a subpar level just to check the “done” box.

When in reality, if I spend less effort on two things, I can spend a better value of effort on one thing. Then I can move on and do the next task well.

Whether it’s changing diapers, training at the gym, talking with loved ones, or working. I try to do those things as singular events. No distractions, no second thoughts.

This is one of my 2021 goals. Compartmentalize my efforts so that whatever is in front of me, gets done and gets done well.

You don’t have to have the same goal as me (this is just one of them), but this is worth thinking about and maybe putting some effort into.

Make life simpler, and we’ll all feel better.

I’m also writing this while stretching. I’m not perfect, but I’ll keep trying.

Coach Mike

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