When Is Enough Actually Enough?

There are twenty four, soon to be twenty five, James Bond movies.

Now, the title of this blog may be derived off of word coincidence, but the World Is Not Enough is a fitting title for a James Bond movie. It’s edgy, it’s intense, and it’s epic in the sense that there are major consequences to actions that are taken by the villain or Bond.

But, even the world isn’t enough for James Bond. There is always another villain right around the corner ready to take the world by storm. Then, Bond comes in and does his thing. Over and over.

And we all watch them. At least I do. If there’s another Bond movie, I’m going to see it.

What I’m really getting at, is the word “enough”. When is enough actually enough?

When it comes to our goals, fitness and life alike, I don’t think there is an, “enough”. No destination, no end point.

If there was an enough, do we really know if that is our end point? Could we have pushed to get more reps in that AMRAP? Could we have stopped eating after our third plate during Thanksgiving?

The point is, it’s really hard to know when enough is enough. But, when we look at our goals, there shouldn’t be an, “enough”.

There will always be 5 more pounds to put on our bench press, there will always be more body fat to be shed, or more muscle to put on.

I know that can sound daunting, like the end is nowhere in sight. But, your goals are. Small goals made along the way will get you to that big goal. That big goal is not the end.

We will never have enough because we will always keep striving to be better in some fashion. That’s what great people do. If you’re reading this, you’re one of them.

But, we can’t stop at great. We need to keep moving forward. Our next villain is right around the corner, be ready for it.

Our fitness is our sleek BMW.

Our healthy biomarkers (low resting heart rate, low blood pressure, etc.) is our exploding pen.

Our solid nutrition habits are the British Secret Service.

Our staff is your “M”.

*cue theme song*

Coach Mike

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