Will I Be Ready For Beach Season?

Life is slowly starting to open in other states.

Especially some of the fun outdoor things we like to enjoy, like the beach and lakeshore! But, are we ready?

I think a better question is, will beach season be ready for me? Absolutely!

One could argue every day is beach season. A common joke within our Friction walls is that “beach season is right around the corner!” No matter what season it is.

Anecdote, there’s an older YouTube video with Brooke Ence (a former CrossFit Games athlete) and Steve Cook (a professional bodybuilder) training together. What stood out to me when watching that, was that he mentions how she looks “good and in shape” all year long. He goes on to say that he has to almost starve himself and be, “out of shape” for most of the year to gain what he needs for a single day of competition/showing.

Bodybuilding tends to have a year long macrocycle where the diet influences the athlete’s body composition in regards to their body fat percentage and skeletal muscle mass, more on that in a second.

But, what does that say about our style of training? To me, not much, about one word actually. 

Sustainable. Functional training, in conjunction with proper nutrition and when performed correctly, will give any athlete a year long, life long, consistently improving body composition.

Isn’t that the goal for “diet and exercise”? Consistently improving body composition?

Anecdote number two, I’ve done an InBody Scan during this shutdown. An InBody is a device that we use to measure skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage. These two measurements are key factors of body composition, the ones you want to see change.

After not being in the gym for over two months now, and by doing our FCF Online Program, I’m not only getting fitter, but my body composition is changing for the better. Granted, the time at home has given me more time to prepare a higher quality of food without the stress of being on the go.

Although the last couple paragraphs sound like an infomercial, it’s true. I’m sure I’m not the only Friction athlete who has seen similar changes. I’m definitely not the only athlete across America, or the world for that matter, who has seen this change during shutdown.

Beach season is right around the corner. It always is, and anyone who is putting forth the effort in positive body composition change should feel ready for it. They’re engaging in the magic trio: an effective exercise program, proper nutrition, and coaching. 

How do you get coaching? Come back tomorrow. 

See you then,

Coach Mike

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