Community is where it is at

The other week I was taking part in a group class workout that involved using a machine. If you haven’t used the machines in a functional fitness class before all you need to know is that the Rogue Echo bike is the worst. I walked over to one of the rowing machines to set up for the workout. One of my friends in the class jokingly said “I see what kind of man you are.” Now this wasn’t a slam on me but a challenge. Something I wouldn’t do on my own was choose the most difficult machine.

I needed to be in a group to be presented any such challenge. Working out at home or in a gym by myself, I wouldn’t find that on my own and clearly I would take the easy route given the opportunity. I think most, if not all of us agree that this is true.

On the same note of accountability, I have several personal training clients that are capable of performing challenging workouts on their own even utilizing advanced movements with great form. Yet, they tell me time and time again that they would not push themselves as hard as they do when I am there directing them through the workout.

Training with others

You will always find more intensity training with others. Whether that is one-on-one with a coach, a small group or in a large group class. It is in our nature to be competitive, out perform each other and encourage each other to be successful.

That being said there is some buy in. Social buy in. You can’t simply start working with a trainer or join the group fitness gym down the street and expect to be challenged right away. The coaches and members need to get to know your personality, learn how to interact with you, figure out what motivates you and see you push yourself first before they will be comfortable pushing you. You have to build a foundational friendship within that community. The more relationships and the stronger they are, the more you will allow yourself to be challenged.

Back to my class workout. I used the bike and pushed myself alot more that I had hoped to and in return, I am fitter for it. I’ll be sure to return the challenge in our next class together.

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