How To Make A Cool Down Treat, That’s Also Good For You

Usually, I’m pretty skeptical on any recipe that says it’s a healthier version of fast food or baked goods (paleo brownies, veggie crust pizza, etc.). I’m usually in the camp that if you’re craving something of that sort, there’s really no way around it.

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Easy Killer, Take a Rest Day

Think about it this way, elite athletes and lifters will train for hours and hours a day just to add a pound or two to their squat. All on top of a strict diet and proper recovery, such as 8-10 hours a night of sleep. That is their job. That is how they make a living. But not us.

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Why You Should Use Hook Grip

In olympic weightlifting, the hook grip is crucial. If you don’t hook grip, you’re going to miss lifts. A lot.

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Eating For Morning Workouts

To the first question of “Should I eat in the morning?” My answer is YES.

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The Magic of the Kang

If you’ve done them, you love them. Or, at least, you should.

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Help me help you – How you can have success with healthy eating.

I want your healthy eating habits to start surpassing your unhealthy eating habits sooner than later. I want to teach you the foundation…

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We have made the choice to de-affiliate. We are moving forward. We are Friction.

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Moving Forward.

The voice and recent statement of Greg Glassman does not align with that of our own mission.  Lifelong health and wellness through safety, integrity, and …

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I Just Can’t Resist Eating All The Time When I’m Home All Day!

I think I could argue that now that since we are stuck at home, we are snacking more. We are finding a hard time to resist the urge to snack more often because food is even more accessible.

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I Know I Should Lift Weights, But I Don’t Want to Get Bulky

Touching and lifting weights will however, make you blow up with confidence. Trust me, it takes months and years to transform a physique, it doesn’t happen overnight.

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