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Every now and again I will see someone posting on their social media some form of fitness question. And while it is great to fish in your general pool of friends and aquaintances for an anwser, it may not be the most direct way to get to the root of your problem. You may get a few great references and plenty of “I tried this and it worked for me once so you should try it too,” but most of the time you want a direct solution and less trial and error. What you really need is the opinion of an expert. Someone who has put in years of study backed by many more years of experience. Here’s how to know if someone is an expert.


One, they have been doing the job for some time at a professional level. Meaning they get paid to do the work and would bet their livelyhood on knowing the solution or providing the service. It’s one thing to have a certification or education in a field but it’s another thing to be doing it all day everyday with years of experience to bank on.


Two, the expert should have a certification or education in their field. They need to know preliminary information prior to working with people and have some form of traditional education on their subject. This will help you understand that they have put their nose in the books and have invested the time to understand the concepts that go into providing solutions for your questions. Basically, you want to know that their anwser is built from knowledge and experience.

No easy Anwsers

Lastly, you shouldn’t expect to hear a direct anwser from an expert. You should expect them to ask you more questions. Without understanding where someone is coming from, what they have tried and what exactly they want to accomplish an expert couldn’t possibly make an appropriate recommendation.

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