The Right Kind of Challenge

We are currently running a short term challenge at the gym based on nutrition. My goal with this post is not to sell you on the challenge or invite you in any manner. My goal is to share with you my apprehensions around running a short term challenge.

With any start and stop program there is a certain mindset that it attracts. “I only have to do this for so long.” Or. “I can keep that up for four week.” What us coaches know is that the largest marker of success for clients is a sustained practice over time. Or in short, conistency. There are several things I have personally benefited from with staying strong in the effort week by week. I have trained many more to do so as well. And it is very easy for me to get upset and disheartened when a client gets a strong start only to fall off track or lose interest.

You can only help people that are willing to help themselves

What I often forget is that mindset is forged in failed efforts and short term successes accumulating into a full circle perspective.

Learning that the only way to ultimately be successful is in staying on the path as much as you can reasonably manage. A coach, friend or family member can tell you that as many times as they would like and want that for you more than you may want it yourself. You may have found yourself reading that and thinking of a friend or family member that you have tried helping when they explain to you how upset they are about their health or fitness struggle.

Small Efforts Lead to Big Wins

The best lessons are the hard fought ones in which we experience wasted effort in the wrong direction. These are often the experiences that leave us wanting more or help us understand what to avoid next time. If you have been there you know this to be true. If you feel like you are there currenlty, try and try again but with a different approach.

Failed attempts and short term challenges are learning opportunities. Staying on the path does not always mean you are on the most direct route. Most of the time staying in the lane that makes the most sense for where you are at in your life, motivation, career, family, etc. is right where you need to be. Maybe a 21 day squat challenge is all you can muster with the other stressors in your life and anything more is unrealistic.

A step in the right direction

My hope anytime someone starts is that it is a spark into something positively lifechanging that brings joy and value towards a higher quality of life. The reality is that most of the time it is a stepping stone to what will work best later on. Or in the least a part of the formula.

What is a challenge you have done in the past that led to great results, improved mindset, your favorite exercise program or anything else that has raised the quality o your life?

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