How To Tell Your Friends What You Do

Our style of fitness can be defined in 3 ways. Functional movements, involving intensity, and using variance.

Your friends don’t want to hear that, nor do they know what any of that means.

When your friends ask what you do to look so dang good, what’s your “elevator pitch” to them? The quick, easy answer.

Ours is, “Fitness should be a strength and conditioning program in a group setting that prepares you for tasks you’d see in every day life.”

I’m sure you can give examples from there! The old, “I lift my suitcase into the trunk of my car every time I have to travel abroad for work.” Or, “I pick up my child to hold and hug”. But not forgetting, “I sit down to eat breakfast every morning.”

The sumo deadlift high pull, the medicine ball clean, and the air squat, respectively. These are three of the nine foundational movements we teach, they can be spotted around the gym on the cool white posters by the stairs. Most of our athletes can probably name all nine!

On a larger level, the three parts of functional movement, intensity, and variance is a shield against “sickness”. In, order to get to “fit”, you have to pass through “wellness”. More importantly, vice versa. If you’re “fit” and something tragic happens, you have to pass through “wellness” to get to “sickness”.

Fitness is a buffer against chronic disease, injuries, and aging.

This is absolutely critical to our mission as Friction. Everyone that walks through the doors is on the path to fitness. It doesn’t matter if they are in a state of sickness, or wellness, they will get to fit. They just have to keep showing up.

Our job is to take all of the guess work out. The fitness programming is set, the nutrition program is set, and the mobility protocols are there.

What more do we, as humans, need to be fit? To be strong, to be mobile enough to move pain free, and to eat to sustain lean muscle mass to repeat that cycle over again.

So, how do you describe true fitness to your friends? It’ll make you strong, allow you to be more flexible, and help you eat right. All while making friends at the same time.

See you in the box,

Coach Mike

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