The Magic of the Kang

Kang Squats.

If you’ve done them, you love them. Or, at least, you should.

This variation of a squat is built upon three principles:

-learning how to load your glutes, low back, and hamstrings

-learning to lift the chest in the deep squat

-learning how to effectively execute a first and second pull in the olympic lift

Here’s a video to see to performance the Kang Squat properly with dumbbells. Typically, these are performed with a barbell in the back rack position.

Remember, the “starting” position that involves the hinge will directly load posterior chain, teaching proper mechanics of a deadlift. The “middle” position that involves the knees coming forward and the chest rising, will force the athlete to engage in keeping the erectors of the back tight in order to maintain a flat back in the deep squat.

Where it gets fun is with the olympic lifts. See the pictures below to see the starting position, the hang position, and the triple extension.

When doing the concentric portion of the Kang Squat (the way up), it very much resembles the first and second pull of the lifts. We often perform these in our warmups for Victory Kid Barbell Club because of this very reason, athletes learn to properly execute the first and second pull without even knowing it.

So, next time you do Kang Squats, slow down. Your body is learning something great.

Coach Mike

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