The Weights Don’t Have Feelings

“Two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.”

-Henry Rollins

Some people are hardwired to seeing only hard numbers. The data, how much sleep they got, how much weight they lifted, how many calories they ate, etc.

Some people are biased towards the interpersonal skills of social interaction when training. How does “x” coach interact with me, what are the members saying to me, am I taking today light to work on technique when it’s a max out day because I have a shoulder issue.

Either way, it’s okay.

You may flip flop back and forth. I do.

Intensity in workouts is a wild horse that needs to run. Some workouts are designed to have that stimulus, just go. Chuck Daly (the basketball coach) said this about Dennis Rodman (the professional basketball player), “You don’t put a saddle on a mustang.” If you know anything about Dennis Rodman, he never had the metaphorical saddle. We need to know how much you can lift, how fast you can row 1000 meters, and how many pullups you can do.

But, other days we need you to get better by doing the little things. That’s the saddle. Having mindfulness to our body, a strategic approach, and thoughtful structure to strength/cardio/bodyweight movements are crucial.

When it comes to weeks like this, where we are testing ourselves with how much we can maximally lift in a safe environment, you as the athlete need to take your saddle off.

Remove doubt. Just go.

Read the quote at the beginning again.

The weight doesn’t care how you feel or how your day went. It’s just an object that needs to be moved. You control how it moves and how it makes you feel. It’s our job as coaches to tell you to put your saddle on or to leave it off.

It’s up to you with how you let the weight dictate your life. The barbell, in this instance, is a concentrated and amplified example of any challenge life has to offer. That’s why training is so important. That’s why having a coach is so important, to learn how to use a training implement to your advantage.

Let’s run.

Coach Mike

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