Three Quarantine Tactics I’ve Learned (So Far)

We’ve been in the “stay at home, stay safe” order for a while now. Things are getting better, whether you think so, or not.

Want to know how I know that? You’re settling in, that’s why. A routine is forming, and a new normal has made its way into your life is paying you rent to stay at your place.

During our time at home, I’ve learned three major things. I’ve shared these things with most of you right away, because it needed to be said right away. But, I decided to wrap it all up in a nice list and present it here.

Real quick, I want to note that I don’t claim to be all knowing and powerful, I still feel my fair share of anxiety and cabin fever. Using these three tactics have made me feel anxiety and sadness significantly less.

Side note; being cooped up in my house doesn’t make me anxious and angry, it’s the fact that I am not able to do my job the way I USED to do it. It’s all online rather than in person. I love training and coaching, I (and all of Friction’s staff for that matter) have adapted and took our coaching online, because we are not going to stop doing our job, it needs to be done. If not us, then who?

First, being calm is a great, and useful, demeanor. It serves as a method to lead, whoever you may be leading. The CALM Method looks like this:





The easiest way to explain using this method is giving a state of address to anyone who seeks your guidance. It might look like this, “I know things seem bleak. We’ve been cooped up in our houses, our work is shutdown, and our kids are going bonkers. However, this is why I’m optimistic. I’ve been able to spend more time with family, this quarantine is most likely close to being done, and it’s only getting warmer out.”

And then…

You take action! Go on a walk, get your work done, and play with your family. The more we sit back and ruminate about how bad this situation is, the worse our mental state will be.

Being angry won’t help either. When kids throw a fit because they want something, the parents’ answer is usually no. The poor behavior does not result in a reward. I’m sure a lot of people are angry about being stuck at home or laid off, but being angry won’t solve the issue because it’s out of our control.

The CALM Method isn’t just for other people though, it’s for you too. Positive self talk goes a long way and you need to practice compassion for yourself because this is unprecedented territory.

The second tactic is creating, and sticking, to a schedule.

Check this out: wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, go to your home office, eat lunch at the same time, stop work at the same time, go to bed at the same time. Squeeze in play time with your family and exercise in there too.

Also, once or twice a week, schedule some social time, call friends and family! We aren’t quarantined from making phone calls.

I use my Google Calendar to keep my day and week on track, and I schedule social time and down time as a reminder to myself to not work until midnight.


The final tactic, have time away from screens.

Online work is great because it can all be done from home, but our work can easily pile up because work emails and texts can be sent so quickly.

Spend off time with your kids, or away from them!

A challenge that I’m doing this week is a “clarity break”. This is zero input for two minutes. No light, no sound, just sitting. This allows me to sort out the chaos and reset my brain. Instead of mobilizing my quads or shoulders, I’m mobilizing my mental state.

Among “clarity breaks”, I have daily exercise and I practice one of my hobbies. I asked myself a while ago, what can I show from this quarantine?

Did I sit on my phone, waste the day away, and eat and drink myself into nothing? Or, did I stay positive, better myself, and learn something new.

That part is up to you. Use these three tactics as you see fit, your life after this will thank you.

See you soon,

Coach Mike

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