Training At Home: The As of Late Shift

The garage gym revolution isn’t anything new.  To date it is by government lockdown to socially distance ourselves from the outside world to minimize the spread of disease.  In 2002 the founder and CEO of CrossFit, Greg Glassman described the need for the ideal gym and roughly described it in the beginning of this article:

In short he describes one of the now-day 15,000 gyms affiliated with CrossFit around the world.  In 2002 the need was not met, as there was only 1 CrossFit affiliate. You can read more about CrossFit’s radical growth in this article:

Needless to say Coach Glassman was onto something when he stated that there was a need for an ideal gym. CrossFit training has gotten people incredible results and they have had fun doing it.  Enriching the lives of individuals and the local community is at the heart of CrossFit affiliates and coaches around the world.

Most coaches and owners make the jump to become a coach or open the affiliate because they have learned first hand the impact it has had on the quality of their own life and want to create a venue to share that gift with the ones they love and the people around them.  The masses have flocked to support the growth of affiliates around the world and now the world has no access to them. 

What all those supporters have missed while only CrossFitting at their local affiliate is the grassroots origin that has brought CrossFit to the forefront of mainstream fitness.  It started with a website sharing the workout of the day.

In addition to posting workouts Greg Glassman posted articles educating trainees on how to do CrossFit properly.  Needless to say most overlooked the articles and were drawn to the pictures, videos and rebellious attitude toward training for motivation.  Those looking to soak up that knowledge reaped the benefits of it as they progressed in leaps and bounds. Others sought to train with them to have the same results and the affiliate was born.  CrossFit responded by hosting training seminars to develop coaches and the rest is history.

Yet, the affiliates have never been the solution.  It has always been about the home gym. The affiliates only served as a place for the real issue: too many people in need of high quality coaching and the lack of high quality coaches.  With a strong system of developing coaches, a need for affiliates to stabilize their revenue streams and a resurgence back to the garage we are back to the beginning. Luckily, the internet and easy access to technology has caught up allowing for a more successful approach.  

Affiliates are quickly pivoting to online training programs, video sessions, nutrition accountability programs, etc.  Their members have developed the trust to know their guidance will lead them in the right directions. What’s left is for the CrossFitter community to get back to its roots.  Look into the literature in the first article sited and outfit your home gym. While most affiliate owners would argue you can and should train at an affiliate forever it would be acknowledging the inability of its coaches to effectively teach the athletes of that box how to do CrossFit well.  Not that 10 year members don’t exist, they do. These individuals are still capable of being coached and need it still, but they don’t keep coming back for the coaching. They come back for the community, the experience and to the place where their friends are. It won’t take 10 years to build friendships that last longer, not the way we do fitness.  The members will come back, the affiliates are not going anywhere. Take the opportunity to invest in yourself and in your home.

Dedicate some space.  For many the garage is an ideal spot.  Once you pull your vehicle out of the area, there is more than enough room for any body weight exercise or barbell movement.  It’s separate from the rest of the house and almost entirely unoccupied by others. An unfinished basements work as well. And if you have neither, slide the coffee table aside in your living room or do dips on it. 

Pick a time.  The best time is when you won’t be in the way of others at home.  This will insure they will not distract you and you won’t create any negative thoughts or annoyances for them about exercise (or they could join you!)  Early mornings are great, after work, you know your schedule… but if you do well enough with the above recommendation you should be ok.

Eliminate Distractions.  Get your other responsibilities done or workout before you need to take care of them.  This will help give you a clear head to focus on your fitness.  

Get your priorities in order.  Often times improving your fitness improves other aspects of your life: work, relationships, etc.  Don’t let fitness distract from them so set a limit.  

Gather support.  Let your family, roommates and friends know you will be working out at home. Set some expectations.  If they need to know you need an hour to yourself a few days a week, tell them, they can’t read your mind.  

Lastly, enjoy it.  No travel time back and forth to the gym.  Comfort and privacy of your own home. Your playlist.  A cool shower afterwards and a quicker start to your post workout meal.

Coach Bobby

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