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I often hear from members, friends or family about a season in their life when they were doing fantastic with their fitness routine. And more often than not there was always someone anchoring them in the habit. Helping them stay true to showing up and doing it day in day out, week by week. Sometimes to the extent of shared suffering through the workout itself… after all, it is remarkably difficult to withstand grueling conditioning in humid summer heat by yourself. And it is far easier and I think most can confirm it has happened where you start a workout like that with best intentions but get a few minutes in and decide today is not the day. You reason you’ll do it later or tomorrow.So what is it about having accountability that allows us to succed. Let’s consider three reasons why it helps to have someone or something else to lean on. This may help us understand why it worked when it did and maybe what or who you need in your corner to get back into it.

Reason number one, familiarity.

Gyms, workout routines, trainers you don’t know well, new exercises, other people in the gym….. inexperience with even one of those is enough to steer several people away from the workout that day. If you have someone you know and trust that says they will be there with you it is going to make all the difference between showing up or staying home. And then over time the other people become friends. The trainer becomes your go to fitness guru with all the anwsers that also seems to know the exact drill or stretch you need to make the no longer new exercise click.

Reason number two, trust.

I often tell newer coaches in the gym that it is going to take dozens of workouts and a few awkward conversations with new clients or members while they are stretching or nearly out of breath before you have built up enough repoire with them where they will trust you to take your advice or join in on a class. That’s the way it is and the way it should be. We as coaches, fitness professionals and gym businesses need to demonstrate that we are excellent at our craft and world class in the delivery of our service. You wouldn’t want anything less. You know what excellence is. If you find value in a gym or trainer and believe it will have a return on your health and fitness then it makes it so much easier to show up. That being said it takes time and risk to try multiple gyms and trainers before you find the right place and profesisonal for you. If you know someone you already trust then their word goes a long way and saves you alot of trial and error.

Reason number three, the right role model.

I like to consider someone I can relate to or someone I can at least draw a parrallel to, but sometimes the opposite is just as powerful, if not more. A recent example was a member sharing with me that he was most fit in his mid twenties when someone twice his age would drag him (not literally) to the gym to workout. He figured if this guy could do it then he should be able to as well. All it takes is one person to believe in you and you can show up for the person. Sometimes it’s not the person in the gym. Maybe it’s your spouse at home that asks you how your workout was or your friend at work who does the same type of training at another gym.

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